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Crypto Twitter and other sources of information are just people shilling their current holdings. This creates a conflict of interest that influence the naïve into bad trades.

Data Driven

We look at numerous technical indicators to better predict future price outcomes and reduce exposure to risk.

Long-Term Oriented

We’re not going to feature any short term, pump and dump type projects. Long term growth is the name of the game.


Information is power, but too much unorganized information can be stressful and counterproductive. We do the tough job of weeding out useful data into actionable moves.

Content Sneak-Peek (9/16/21):

Assessment: Compared with ETH, AVAX has higher throughput, faster transaction speed, already energy efficient with proof of stake, and has a higher safety threshold. With its $14.4 Billion market cap, it has a lot of room for growth considering ETH is currently at $420 Billion. Perhaps most importantly, transactions costs are negligible.

Assessment: Two of the biggest crypto hedge funds, 3AC and Polychain, have just announced a capital round. If you know their histories, these companies pick winners. They have the capital and influence to ensure that the ecosystem thrives.

Assessment: Avalanche just broke out to all time highs. You need 3 things to confirm a good directional trade: trend, volatility, and momentum. AVAX has all 3. It looks extremely well positioned for a further upside move.

Professional analysis of the best opportunities in the crypto market geared for today’s top traders.

Mark Manson

“The more options we have, the more variety before us, the more difficult it becomes to choose, sacrifice, and focus.”

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