How to Get Rich Off of Marijuana Stocks

Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps just incredibly stoned (pun completely intentional), you’ve probably heard about marijuana stocks by now. Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Canopy Growth and many more have all had hyperbolic rises accompanied with steep drops and choppy volatility. Are you too late to hop on the gravy train and get rich off of the hype?

With local governments all over the world passing legislation, or at the very least considering it, to make marijuana legal has catapulted these companies that found themselves beautifully positioned to take advantage this new asset bubble. Bubbles have a very bad connotation. This is not to be confused with Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, who embodies the very essence of loyalty and friendship, just to be clear. Rather it is usually connected with the 2008 real estate bubble which caused havoc around the world and which few profited from…namely the guys from “The Big Short.” Yes, bubbles are usually bad for those late to the party. However, if you are wise and have good timing, you can make astounding amounts of money in very short periods of time. It is typically wise to sell when you see everyone around you being greedy and buy when you see blood in the streets.

The Mary Jane stocks have already had quite the ride thus far, with some increasing in over 1000%. Some may still have that enormous rise yet to come. However I would be extremely cautious. You don’t want to be that guy who bought at the top of the bubble…*cough cough Bitcoin at $20,000. But as they say, the bigger the tree the harder the fall. With these companies having so much capital injected into their stock price in such a short period of time, it is typical for them to fall even faster once shit hits the fan. That is why it is important to keep your ear to the ground and watch which way the wind blows. Fuck, I don’t know what the hell that saying is but you get the picture. If you sense trouble around the corner, a possible opportunity to profit from a quick drop in stock price is put options. Options trading is very risky and a sure-fire way to lose your ass if you don’t know what you are doing. However, those that put in the time to learn how it works and have the wherewithal to sell when you see that pinnacle of greed, you could be positioned to make a shit ton of dough.

Options trading is commission FREE on Robinhood, which is where I trade. Use my referral link for a free stock when you sign up! You even have a chance to win super expensive stocks like Berkshire Hathaway or Apple. Who doesn’t like free money?



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